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About trentstock

Our group was started on the idea that we wanted to provide a great place to get good stock content for less money. If you look around the web now, you find that if it is free or cheap then the quality is awful. We are here to remedy that. Trentstock is a subgroup of Flicdrop Interactive.

Our team was also started with the idea that we would give the majority of the pay back to the artist instead of hoarding it like almost every other place out there. For now trentstock has a private contributor base that is growing slowly with personal invitations. If it continues to do well, we will open it up for all to apply to contribute. We want to give 70-80% of purchase money back to the artist. (the person who really did the work). By supporting trentstock, you support the idea of the value in the artist. Stay tuned for more great features and please let us know your thoughts on how we can improve.